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DECIDE Treatment is a unique, intelligent tool for people with long-term health problems. Use it to systematically improve your treatment and health. Register to have a personal webpage and app, your Health Helper, created.

Are you experiencing the best health you can? If you have a health problem, there are many possible reasons if your health is not so good. Often something can be done about it. A Health Helper will give you the tools you need to target the most common problems that can be solved, resulting in better health. We can help you if:

  • you are not sure whether you are using the best available treatment
  • you are not sure whether you are using the ideal amount of the treatment
  • you have difficulties taking the treatment exactly as agreed
  • you have difficulties leading a healthy life
  • the way you make decisions about your healthcare is not as you want it
  • you think people close to you could support you more
  • you think you could learn things that would help you improve your health

The Health Helper collects data about you specifically and uses the data to give you completely new possibilities for better decisions, better follow-up and better results. 

There are two types of Health Helpers:

  • Health Helpers with pre-filled information from research
  • Health Helpers without this information
Both types collect information from you and presents intelligent overviews giving crucial insights, telling you whether your treatment works, and providing you with the support you need. You can use your Health Helper before, after and during consultations with healthcare personnel. Use it on your smartphone, tablet or pc, or print out the content.

Whereas research is about finding knowledge about groups of people, your Health Helper is created to find the crucial information about you, your health problem, and your treatment. The service includes very powerful tools enabling you to perform an investigation into what provides one single person with the best health. That person is you.


The service works well on new pcs and tablets, with newer versions of browsers. The app works well on smartphones with newer versions of iOS and Android.


Health Helpers are updated at least once every year.


Health Helpers cannot replace contact with healthcare personnel, but support and supplements those contacts.

Even though Health Helpers contain a lot, they do not include all possibly relevant information, and for that reason they do not provide medical advice. Helpers support decisions, but do not make them. 


The software development has been funded by hospitals and authorities in South-East Norway Regional Health Authority, The Norwegian Institute for Public Health, the Norwegian Research Council, and the electronic medical record supplier DIPS. 


Health Helpers fulfill the requirements in the HIPAA standard and the EU directive for privacy and data security.