Can I use a Health Helper without registration?

You can try a small part of a Health Helper without registration. You find these versions of Health Helpers on card number 9 on the homepage. Just click "See examples". These Helpers have only one single feature, and is not personalized. When you register, you can use the full Helper.

How can I start using the full Health Helper?

If you would like to try a full Health Helper then just click on “Apply” button on homepage. We will then send you a message with a link to a full, personal Helper.

What does a ‘beta version’ mean?

DECIDE Treatment is currently a ‘beta version' – an unfinished version of a web system that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete. It can contain bugs and errors and by testing the beta version you can help us find and fix them.

For patients

Can I use more than one Health Helper?

Yes, you can. If you have more than one condition, you might need several Health Helpers. 

Can I cooperate with my doctor in the system?

Yes, you can invite your doctor as a collaborator. 

Can I use a system with my smartphone?

Yes. Use the app to easily enter information and to receive daily updates and tips based on your data. These updates and tips provide day-to-day support for optimizing your health.

Can I invite someone (e.g. my relative or my nurse) to help me optimize my treatment?

Yes, you can invite anyone you want as a collaborator. 

Can I enter monitoring information I missed yesterday?

Yes, you can.

Can I remove or change monitoring results?

No, monitoring results are not editable.

The option I am using now is different from the ‘best option’ on the website. Should I change it?

When starting to use a Health helper, the system shows you the ‘best option’ according to your priorities and to research data. If so, don’t be in a hurry to change your treatment to the one the system suggests would be the best one. Wait a little and monitor the effects of the current treatment first, over a sufficient period of time. Also, enter all available information in your Profile so that the ranking of treatments is as accurate as possible. When you have been monitoring for some time, the system recalculates the best option according to your personal data. There is a risk in switching from one treatment to another – never change unless you and your doctor have discussed it and agreed to change.

Can I delete my data from only one of my Health Helpers if I don’t want to use it?

No, you cannot delete the data from one Health Helper alone, but you can delete the data in all Health Helpers by deleting your account.

For doctors

How can a Health Helper assist me in collaborating with my patient?

You can see how your patient is doing, even without meeting in person. You can suggest treatment plans and monitoring plans within the system and send them to the patient. Inside the system, you find numerous decision support panels and statistical summaries helping you make knowledge-based treatment decisions together with your patient. Use the system before and during the consultations as a fast lane to find the main issues and to optimize the treatment.

Can I invite my patient to use the Health Helper?

You can easily invite a new patient to use a personal Helper.

Why I can edit a monitoring plan for one patient but only view it for another one?

It means that one patient gave you this right and the other one did not yet enable it.

Can I delete my actions in one patient´s system.

No, these data cannot be removed.

For advisers

What can I do in the system?

You can see how your patient is doing and how things are developing, day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month. Also, you can suggest treatment plans and monitoring plans within the system. You can enter data on the patient´s behalf. The system can warn you if the patient hasn’t taken medication hasn’t entered monitoring data, or if a certain threshold for a specific type of data has been surpassed.

How can I assist a patient who is using the Helper?

The Helper gives you a very good overview on how the patient is doing. If the treatment is not optimal, or the condition of the patient is worrysome, you can discuss it with the patient.

Security and privacy

Are my data secure?

Yes, your data are secure. DECIDE Treatment fully adheres to the US HIPAA standard and to the EU Data protection Directive.

Who can view my personal data?

Only the people (doctor or adviser) that you have invited personally and specifically given that right.  Nobody else can see your personal data. 

Can I remove my data?

Yes, you can delete your account. Go to your profile page and click the ‘Edit’ button, then click “Delete account”.

You can contact us: admin@decidetreatment.org