About us


DECIDE Treatment has been developed at the University of Oslo, Norway, with important contributions from universities in London, Sydney, South Korea and Singapore. Hospitals and user organizations are currently developing the content in the Health Helpers. 

Our vision is to enable people to optimize their health. Treatment and improvement of health in the individual person should be as systematic and knowledge-based as research on groups of people. Health Helpers is making this possible.

Selected research papers:

How the system was developed and tested

The situation before the system was developed

What is important to patients (I)

What is important to patients (II)

How we made the entire tool research-based (finishes autumn 2017)

The content, methods for knowledge collection and research will be maintained in a non-profit organization. The electronic medical journal vendor DIPS owns the software. Patient decision aids based on the Health Helpers are freely available.

You can contact us: admin@decidetreatment.org